Frank Shelton

4 – Church Revival Hosted by Glendale Baptist Church

Bethesda, Clifton Second, Glendale and Zion Hill Baptist church will join in Revival with guest Evangelist Frank Shelton.

Frank Shelton, Jr. is part author, visionary and speaker but FULL communicator of Gospel Truth. He’s a fifth generation Washingtonian (DC) and has a passion for God & Country. He is married to his best friend, Ruth and they have two children, Hannah Grace & Andrew Lincoln residing in Southern Maryland. He is an international evangelist, Area Coordinator with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for “MY HOPE” in DC, MD, VA and DE for their outreach airing November 7, 2014. Plus, frequent FOX NEWS contributor on politics and religon and was tapped International Evangelism Chairman of 2012 Olympics outreach in London, England with LWFCI and “Olympian of Century” Carl Lewis and just named that position for the 2016 Olympics outreach in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He is also a volunteer White House Press Correspondent with a Christian newspaper and attends press briefings monthly in the James S. Brady Press Room of the West Wing and staff evangelist at The Fellowship Church in White Plains, MD. Regardless, if sharing the Gospel on “HANNITY,” Hollywood, homeless or Capitol Hill’s most prominent politicians he longs that everyone will encounter a personal relationship with JESUS!

Frank trusted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at age seven (1979), read the entire Bible by eighth grade (1985) and desires daily to see saints revived and souls restored. At age 10, he had such a burden for friends without Christ that in 1982, he brought 22 kids to Vacation Bible School in one week! Several trusted Christ and still in church today 30 years later. Frank honored God in youth and the Lord promoted him in life. He was the President of Student Government in junior high (800 students), played Varsity Basketball and crowned Prom King by peers his senior year of high school out of 1,200 students. He made a decison to care more what God in Heaven thought than friends on earth and he desired early on to please God choosing to abstain from alcohol, drugs and pre-marital sex. He wasn’t perfect but promoted The One who is. Frank was elected President of Student Christian Fellowship at junior college and went on to be named 2011 Distinguished Alumni from Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. He was one of the youngest ever to attend the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Monterey, CA (1999) and while working in Washington, DC took courses online via New Orleans Theological Seminary and three times was a guest lecturer at Washington Bible College. Frank loves how Jesus found favor in the eyes of both God and man. In childhood, Frank daydreamed about doing three things with his life: Politics, Protect the President or Preach the Gospel around the world. By his 35th birthday, God used Frank to pursue all three vocations. God elevated him to work 17 years on Capitol Hill at some of the highest levels of government (floor staff of United States Senate, aide to Governor of Maryland, Special Assistant and speechwriter to House Majority Leader of Congress, fundraiser for Republican National Committee and volunteered in Presidential Correspondence Office in both Clinton & George W Bush White House, respectively) and on July 27, 2007, walked away completely “by faith” from the pay, prestige and retirement of Washington, D.C. to preach the Gospel as an itenerant preacher travelling locally, nationally and globally to share the Word with the world. He has boarded “Air Force One” and flown on “Air Force Two” but content today flying Southwest Airlines to share with whomever, wherever and whenever.

To date, Frank has served as a youth pastor, Minister of Evangelism, Senior Pastor, VP of National Christian Youth Speakers Network and now an international evangelist residing in Southern Maryland with his wife, Ruth and two children.

Frank and his wife Ruth